Squeeze the Bag Returns with a Bellows-Blown Bagpipe Showcase!

Squeeze the Bag!
Saturday, January 17, 8pm
Shepherd University, Reynolds Hall

The bellows-blown bagpipe is a quieter, more parlor-oriented cousin to the great highland bagpipes most folks are familiar with. You’ll see pipes that are far more likely to be played with flutes, guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, drums and other instruments in a session-like atmosphere for concerts or dances in smaller, more intimate settings.  Four kinds of bagpipes will be featured: the Scottish smallpipe, the quieter cousin of the great highland pipes, the Irish uilleann (or Union) pipes, Northumbrian smallpipes and the Border pipes which are played in the border region between Scotland and England.

The concert is divided into three sections…  We’ll open with the tiny Northumbrian pipes of England with Dick Hensold, then we’ll move to a Scottish section of the concert that will feature pipers Tim CummingsIain MacHargBob Mitchell and special guest, in a set of music from the highlands and border regions of Scotland on both Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes. We’ll finish off the concert with the Irish section of the program featuring Sean Gavin on flute, whistle, and uilleann pipes, Joey Abarta on uilleann pipes, special guest accompanist, Pat Egan, and Kelly Criscuolo-Debutts on fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes and more.

The concert will take place at Shepherd University’s Reynolds Hall.

Co-sponsored with the Upper Potomac Pipers Weekend.  Classes available in many kinds of bellows blown bagpipes, flute, whistle and mixed-instruments.  More information is on the web page.

Admission: $18 adults, $15 seniors, $12 SMD members, $8 students. For more information call the Upper Potomac office at 304.263.2531 or email updf@earthlink.net. Come on out and watch these pipers Squeeze the Bag.

Coming up on Saturday, February 7 :  First Saturday Contra Dance with Hilton Baxter calling to the Black Oranges, with Sarah Ford on fiddle and Gary Prince on guitar.  Beginners workshop starts at 7:30PM, Dance starts at 8.  See the dance page for more details.


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