September is here… and our new season is starting!

Start off your September with a contra dance to remember!

Saturday, September 5  Carol Ormand, calls to the lively tunes of the Latter Day Lizards with Dave Langford – fiddle/guitar, Bill Tomczak – clarinet/saxophone/banjo uke/dumbek and Peter Barnes – piano/guitar/flute/harmonica !

With a wide ranging and hopelessly eclectic repertoire including everything from Irish and Scottish traditional jigs and reels to Balkan, blues and swing tunes (often juxtaposed next to each other) the Latter Day Lizards bring excellent musicianship, playfulness, drama and unrelentingly infectious rhythm to their dance performances.

Video of the Latter Day Lizards…

Our October Dance on Saturday, October 3 will be Eva Murray calling to Wombat Crossing with Carl Friedman on fiddle, Robin Wilson on concertina, flute and sax and Charlie Pilzer on piano.

Coming up in November…

Friday, November 13, 2015  we feature a concert with the band Gerdan at 8pm at the St Peters Lutheran Church

Gerdan  ensemble is named after a multi-colored, intricately woven beaded necklace from Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine. Like this dazzling and exquisite necklace, musicians bring alive rich arrangements that reflect their passion for tradition Eastern European folk melodies and rhythms.  Inspired by their native roots and heritage, they create and perform their own special blend of world music that brings together the old with the new, in a style that is fresh, lively, and beautiful.

The Gerdan concert features traditional songs and folk melodies from Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Gypsy sources that are rich in history, and complexity.   Bringing together a duo of folk and classically trained musicians consisting of flute master, Andrei Pidkivka who plays a vast assortment of folk flutes from the region, violinist Solomia Gorokhivska and special guests, this concert will bring to life music of the Ukraine!


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