March Madness… Cape Breton music, hammered dulcimers and a contradance with Contratopia bring bright days to the end of winter!

Whoa! Where did January go! Fiddle Summit, Open Band and Squeeze the Bag were all so great and happened so quickly they didn’t even make it to the blog… although an email did go out… so if you aren’t on the email list, you should sign up to get all the latest news. Follow the link on the right of the page!

Contra Dance with ContraTopia!  Saturday, March 3, at 8pm at the War Memorial Building.

Ted Hodapp calls, puns and guides you through a swirl of contra dances with the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band ContraTopia!  The band features the talents of Erik Sessions (fiddle), Patrice Pakiz (piano, oboe, percussion), Pat O’Loughlin (english concertina and banjo), John Goodin (mandolin and guitar) while Ted Hodapp calls, does foot percussion, plays melodeon and concertina and more!  An annual favorite!  Potluck snacks at the break… FREE beginners workshop at 7:30. No partner necessary.  Please bring clean soft-soled shoes to wear to protect our wonderful floor.  Admission $12 adults, $8 members (you should join), and $5 for dancing kids under 12 or Shepherd University students with valid ID.

Celebration of Strings Concert! Featuring a Hammered Dulcimer Showcase, and Cape Breton fiddle and piano duo Troy MacGillivray and Andrea Beaton  Friday March 9, 8pm at the Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church.

The hammered dulcimer is alive and well in Shepherdstown, West Virginia; not only does the area boast two of the instrument’s most respected builders and designers, but also is home to the Upper Potomac Music Weekends, where hammered dulcimer players, fiddlers and other musicians share tunes and techniques and explore a range of musical styles over three days of workshops, concerts and jam sessions on Shepherd University’s campus and the surrounding historic buildings several times each year. The concert this year features special guests, Troy McGillivray and Andrea Beaton from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia on piano, fiddle and maybe a little step dance. Representing our dulcimer staff will be  Karen Alley, Tina Bergmann and Mick Doherty playing a range of repertoire from Classical to Cuban and from Celtic to Klezmer.  Come and be amazed!
Admission: $20 adults, $18 seniors, $15 SMD members, $10 students. For more information call Joanie at (304) 263-2531 or email

Take workshops with all of these great musicians… at the Upper Potomac Music Weekends, and hone your skills on your instrument!

End of the February/March Blog…

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