Wrapping the Maypole

Wrapping the Maypole

How do you wrap a Maypole? Here are the secrets to a beautifully twined Maypole.  For ease of teaching and to make a lovely presentation we have light and dark green and purple ribbons.

  • Take up one of the 24 ribbons on the Maypole
  • Face the ribbon next to you of the same color
  • When the dance begins, weave a grand right and left around the pole with light ribbons dancing clockwise and dark ribbons dancing counterclockwise
  • Those who are not weaving are encouraged to join hands and make a ring around the musicians and the dancers of the maypole, spiraling inward to the pole as the dance progresses
  • Hold the ribbon with some tension, and raise it slightly when you pass on the outside
  • Take about 4 steps for passing each person, don’t bunch up, and NEVER pass anyone going slower
  • Pass ribbons of the same color on the right, other color on the left
  • Dance, smile and know that you are completing one of the most beautiful rites of Spring!
  • For more information see our photo albums of mayday or the video at this link.

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