Our members live all about the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia panhandle area. Email addresses and telephone numbers for the volunteer coordinators of the many events are listed with information about the event; it is best to contact them directly.

Shepherdstown Music & Dance can also be reached by U.S. mail at:

Shepherdstown Music and Dance
P.O. Box 1293
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

Membership and Mailing List Questions

You can join our email list and get updates on all of our events by filling out the form by clicking here.

Contact anyone on this page about Shepherdstown Music and Dance. For the current season 2022-23 we have dispensed with annual membership, and, instead are charging $10 dance admission.

Please join us and support us in our mission!   Donations are fully tax-deductible and support us on our mission.  Event fees do not always cover costs, so donations help us to provide you with more and better programs!

Dance Information

  • See our current dance schedule
  • Contact Joanie at (304) 263-2531 or email
  • Booking contact John Sauer (301) 542-3272 or email

Concerts and Special Events

  • Download the current Concert Series schedule (not available yet)
  • See our current concert schedule
  • Contact Joanie at (304) 263-2531 or email email

2021-23 Board of Directors

  • President: Alex Shaw
  • Vice President: Nick Blanton
  • Secretary: Carline Shaw
  • Treasurer: Alex Shaw
  • Concert Chair: Joanie Blanton
  • Dance Chair: John Sauer
  • Hospitality Chair: vacant
  • Sound: Nick Blanton, John Sauer
  • Interim Webmaster: Joanie Blanton
  • Publicity: Kay Smith
  • Membership: Kay Smith
  • Directors-at-Large: Kathy Bilton

We are welcoming new Board Members!  Please talk to us if you would like to have a deeper role in making our concerts and dances more vibrant!