Unless otherwise noted below, all dances are held at 8 p.m. at the War Memorial Building at the corner of German and King Street in Shepherdstown, West Virginia (see map). Visit our contacts page to link to a real human being if you have questions. Contra dance workshops begin at 7:30. Please bring clean, soft-soled shoes for the dance.  Potluck snacks at the break, bring something to share!

$8 for members over age 12 (become a member)
$12 for nonmembers over age 12
$5 for dancers under age 12

Dance Schedule

No Dances in June, July or August 2018!  See you in the fall!


Date Caller Band
Saturday.           September 2 Bill Wellington  Amberwing 

  • Robin Wilson:flute, concertina, fiddle
  • Emily Aubrey:fiddle
  • Janina O’Brien: piano

October 7
David Giusti Sugar Beat

  • Susan Brant:flute, beatbox and shakers
  • Elke Baker:fiddle
  • Marc Glickman: piano
November 4
Ron Buchanan The Morrison Brothers

  • Jim Morrison:fiddle
  • Owen Morrison:guitar, mandolin
  • Will Morrison: drums
Saturday, December 2
Greg Frock The Organic Family Band

  • Jakob Raitzyk:fiddle foot percussion
  • Michael Raitzyk:guitar
  • Rebekah Geller: fiddle
  • Judith Geller: french horn

 Holiday Potluck before dance!

Saturday,     January 6 Janine Smith Fiddle Retreat Open Band with

  • Rachel Eddy, Elke Baker, Laura Risk:fiddle
  • Bradley Kolodner:banjo
  • Dave Wiesler: piano  Paul Oorts: bass
  • And a multitude of other great musicians on a variety of instruments

February 3

 Caroline Barnes Triple Helix

  • Alexander Mitchell:fiddle
  • Colleen Reed:flute, sax
  • Keith Gillis: guitar

March 3

 Ted Hodapp ContraTopia

  • Eric Sessions:fiddle
  • Patrice Pakiz:piano, oboe, percussion
  • Pat O’Loughlin: english concertina, banjo
  • John Goodin: mandolin, guitar
  • Ted Hodapp: melodeon, footpercussion, bad puns
April  7
Hilton Baxter The Bone Shakers

  • Joe DeZarn:fiddle
  • Gina Faber: fiddle, mandolin
  • Paul Hammerton: guitar
  • Ralph Gordon: bass
May 5
Susan Taylor Otter Loop 

  • Julia Borland : fiddle
  • Catherine Chapman:fiddle
  • Charlie Pilzer: piano
  • Larry Robinson: asorted strings
  • Jim Voorhees: button accordion, harmonica
  • Robin Wilson: concertina, flute, sax
  • Jim Besser: Concertina, melodeon