Morris Dancing in Shepherdstown

Morris Dance is a traditional dance from England dating back at least to medieval times.There are numerous Morris dance pages on the web, one of the best sites is a Compendium of All Known Morris Sites on the web which links to many teams from around the world and gives lots of useful information on the history of the various different regional styles.

Our usual performance dates in Shepherdstown are May Day, the Day of the Dead (November 1 or thereabouts) and Christmas, and often involve guest dance groups of other traditions. Other performance dates are more random and at our fancy, or are at invitational ales and festivals around the region and abroad.  Some photos from past performances can be found here: Morris photos.

Shepherdstown’s Border Morris Team, Hicks with Sticks, performs dances in the style typical of the Welsh Border region of England in Shepherdstown and around the region at ales, festivals and other events — our upcoming season includes a one-day dance out at Richmond’s Easter Parade with More or Less Morris on Easter Sunday, our Day of the Dead, Day of Dance in November, and our official May Celebration is usually on the first Saturday in May.  Other events or weekends come up from time to time.

Fall Practice season has just started up!!  We are always looking for fresh dancers with working knees and unbruised knuckles! To find out more about joining the team, email Joanie (, who runs the Border practice on most Tuesday nights at the Shepherdstown Train Station. Practice runs from 6:30PM until 8PM and is usually followed by a team dinner at the Blue Moon Restaurant.  Find us on Facebook!

After a run of 19 years, the Shepherdstown Northwest Morris Women are currently on hiatus. There is some talk of some of them gathering in the spring for our May Day celebration.