Hicks with Sticks


Hicks with Sticks Border Morris

The Hicks with Sticks Border Morris were formed in April, 1998 and dance in the style of the Welsh Border region. In the tradition of “Not for Joeing”, the Hicks wear rag coats of a brilliant scarlet, orange, yellow and more, decorated hats and bells, and use heavy sticks for their dances. Traditionally in England it is danced in black-face, our dancers choose instead to go with a multi-colored effect. Here’s where you can find history and information on the tradition.

The team is friendly and easy going and enjoys kayak trips on weekends off on the smaller, scenic rivers in our region. We offer trips to guest teams when they come from afar, so they should plan enough time to enjoy the rivers with us in true Hick fashion.

The Hicks practice weekly during our active dance season on most Tuesdays at 6:30 pm in the Train Station in Shepherdstown, and dine together following the practice. We may offer a workshop, especially if there is interest in reviving the team with new members.

The Hicks have a facebook page.

Hicks with Sticks start the fall practice season at the end of August.  Current dance outs are planned in Charlottesville, VA on October 14, in Shepherdstown for our Day of the Dead, Day of Dance on November on November 4, and in the Christmas Parade on December 2.  Other dates are TBA.

Team Contacts

Squire: Wendy Maddox wendylee704 @ gmail.com
Foreman: Joanie Blanton updf @ earthlink.net (304) 263-2531

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