March Madness! Lots of surprises!

We have some great things coming up in the month of March!   We start off with our monthly contra dance!

March Contra Dance
Saturday, March 2, 8pm 

Come join us for this high energy dance at the Shepherdstown War Memorial Building as Ron Buchananan calls an amazing round of contras and squares to the Boneshakers!  With a lineup that includes Joe DeZarn on fiddle, Gina Faber on mandolin, guitar, fiddle, bodhran and more, Paul Hammerton on guitar and Ralph Gordon on bass.  Beginners workshop at 7:30, the dance starts at 8pm. No experience necessary, no partner needed.  Potluck snacks at the break.  Wear soft-soled shoes to protect our nice floor! Admission $12 adults, $8 members, $5 students under 12. New student membership price!  $10/yr.

Later in the month we collaborate with the Upper Potomac Spring Music Weekend to bring a concert and a dance!

Celebration of Strings: English Dance Music and our annual Hammered Dulcimer Showcase
Friday, March 22, 8 pm
Shepherd University Storer Ballroom

The hammered dulcimer is alive and well in Shepherdstown, West Virginia; not only does the area boast two of the instrument’s most respected builders and designers, but also is home to the Upper Potomac Music Weekends, where hammered dulcimer players, fiddlers and other musicians share tunes and techniques and explore a range of musical styles over three days of workshops, concerts and jam sessions on Shepherd University’s campus and the surrounding historic buildings several times each year. The concert this year features special guests, Belgian-born multi-instrumentalist Paul Oorts and pianist Dave Wiesler, who play inspiring dance music in such bands as Cabaret Sauvignon, Gigmeisters, and Goldcrest . Representing our dulcimer staff will be Dave Neiman, Tina Bergmann and Randy Marchany playing a range of repertoire from Classical to Cuban and from Celtic to Klezmer.  Come and be amazed!
Admission: $20 adults, $18 seniors, $15 SMD members, $10 students. For more information call Joanie at (304) 263-2531 or email

Special Dance Event!  English Country Dance Program!

Afternoon English Workshop and Evening Dance
Saturday, March 23,  2-5 pm  and 8-11pm 

English Country Dance music combines the intricate melodies and refined qualities of chamber music with the liveliness of the folk traditions into a dance form that has stood the test of time from the Renaissance to the present day. New dances and melodies are being written today, and the program may feature a few dances from dance choreographer, Gary Roodman’s latest collection, Calculated Figures, Volume 12.

Melissa Running will be teaching and calling the figures.  The afternoon music will be provided by Becky Ross on fiddle and Liz Donaldson on piano.  The evening dance will feature a big band of teachers and students … The Oorts-Wiesler Orchestra, led by Paul Oorts and Dave Wiesler, which promises to be a whole lot of fun!  The workshop and dance are $15 each or $25 for both for non-members and $12 each or $20 for SMaD members.  Come experience this unique and vibrant dance form!  Potluck snacks at the break!

Kinobe: Music of Africa
Saturday, March 30, 8pm

St Peter’s Lutheran Church 

KINOBE (pronounced chi-no-bay) is a Ugandan singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose work has been described as “some of the most exquisite music coming out of Africa today.” For more than 15 years, he has captivated audiences with his soothing African rhythms, understated vocals and powerful world-roots-dance melodies that emanate from the diversity of the many traditional instruments he customized to develop his unique sound.

Born along the shores of Lake Victoria and the Nile River, Kinobe developed his passion for traditional African music as a child while listening to the hypnotic drumbeats that reverberated from the Royal Palace—located meters away from his home—all day and into the night.

At the age of 8, he began playing music at the church where his parents sang. Over the next few years, he learned to play multiple instruments including the Kora (West African Harp), Akogo (Kalimba), Endongo (Bowed Lire), Endingidi (Tube Fiddle), Adungu (Ugandan Harp), Tama (West African Drum), Ngoni (West African Lute) and Balafon (Wooden Xylophone).

Although he enjoys performing and recording, Kinobe’s greatest dream has been to teach children how to use the power of music to inspire others to see the world as a global village and that we are all more similar than different. His passion has led him to work closely with M-Lisada—an orphanage in Uganda, UNICEF, the Tender Mercies Foundation, and the Harmony Foundation in Canada, where he serves as a World Ambassador.

In 2013 he co-founded the Dance of Hope Foundation—a nonprofit organization that uses the transforming power of music, dance and storytelling to educate and empower young people to become independent global citizens and improve life quality in impoverished communities.

Join us for a unique evening of beautiful African melodies and rhythm on a score of traditional instrument.

Tickets are $20 adults, $18 seniors, $15 members and $10 students,  and will be available  online from Brown Paper Tickets,by mail (send a check to SMaD, PO Box1293, Shepherdstown, WV  25443 with your order), or at the door.



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